Powering Financial Forecasting for Renewable Energy Projects

Consolidate your Financial forecasts with scenario based planning at portfolio level

Scenario Planning

Adjust your finances based on macro-economic factors like inflation, foreign exchange rate etc. to readjust your business needs faster

Financial Evaluation

Manage your Capex Phasing, Revenues, Financing and outputs like EIRR, NPV, P&L, Cashflows, Balance sheet etc. in a Single Consolidated platform

Analysis over Time

Evaluate deviations from original project assumptions and analyze your performance over the project lifecycle as well as at portfolio level

Helping you Solve Key Business Challenges

We can help you consolidate your financial forecasts from multiple projects, estimate 25 to 35 year cashflows based on the mix of under-construction and operational projects, and capture your assessments within a " Single Consolidated Platform"  and also monitor & report any deviations during the project life cycle to maintain KPIs like debt-equity ratios.

Perform Financial Planning & Budgeting with ease 

Manage all your projects ( Under-development & Operational ) and get a complete picture of your financial performance in one place 

Worried about the long span of the project?

With Anaplan, you can plan projects that span even over 25 to 30 years and manage both Capital and Operational Expenditures to help maintain your IRR

Want to keep an eye on the financial performance?

Create portfolio level insights for  your EIRR, NPV, DSCR, DEBT/EBITDA, EV/EBITDA and track changes at every phase of your project to record the impact in real-time and pin-point root causes for deviations if any

Want to run multiple scenarios to identify the best case?

Plan multiple scenarios to check your IRR by playing around revenue, financing and capex assumptions

Project Cost Tracking, Evaluation & Forecasting

  • Predict cash flows associated with new projects and create revenue forecasts for key stakeholders
  • Calculate IRR, ROIC, NPV, ROI, and Payback Period for each project and compares each metric across multiple scenarios to aid decision making
  • Incorporates both driver-based logic and user defined inputs to accurately distribute cost to a related project

Investment Approval Mechanism

  • Establish all benchmarks in a single consolidated tool for the portfolio
  • Multiple versions deployed as an approval system for all projects
  • Get all deviations from benchmark assumptions  specifically approved based on the project
  • Track changes made at various stages, and to record impact on key outputs 

Why Anaplan?

Anaplan's hyperscale computing applied to your operational insights, forecasts, and business strategies can help you put an end to siloed work and uncertain outcomes. Designed to solve challenges with clarity and collaborative power, Anaplan makes it possible for companies to succeed at any scale of complexity.

With the predictive power and integrated multi-dimensional analytics capability, Anaplan helps you convert constant change to your advantage.

Why Choose Us?

  • Largest Anaplan consulting team in APAC, the leading platform for Enterprise Planning
  •  Multiple Specialists to tackle your queries across domains like Supply Chain, finance, Sales & Marketing and HR
  •  Enabling enterprise planning for some largest companies in Pharma, Insurance, Energy and CPG Space
  •  ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified to assure the quality of Anaplan project deliveries and data security

“Anaplan has the capability to enable the investors & stakeholders in making faster informed decisions by providing the agility & flexibility to run scenarios, plan & re-plan on the fly utilizing the hyper performing in-memory calculation engine. ”

Ankit Goyal

VP and Head Renewable Energy Solutions, Polestar Solutions

Empower Informed Decision Making

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